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  • Torch Lighters...

    Our lighters "torch" the competition!

    Thin, needle-like flame -- also windproof! Torch lighters have the hottest and most powerful flame (They can reach temperatures of over 2,500 degrees (fahrenheit)! They will keep a consistent stream of thin air-propelled fire, no matter what angle it's held at. For this reason, it's particularly used for pipes and cigars, but can also be used for cigarettes, etc..

  • Windproof Lighters...

    Never let windy weather stop you again!

    Wide, cone-shape flame -- windproof flames have a wider circumference than torch lighters (so they're less powerful), but they'll still light cigars in seconds and cigarettes even faster. They can reach temperatures of nearly 2,000 degrees (fahrenheit).) The flame should always be held upwards (unlike torch lighters, which can be held at any angel). Windproof flames can be used in any weather condition. Some of our them even have brilliant red or green flames (see below).

  • Multi-Flame Lighters

    Hey, hot stuff need more heat in your life? Go multi-flame!

    Multi-flame lighters are more rare/unique. They produce a higher intensity heat than that of normal lighters. They're mainly used for (thick) cigars. Also can be used for cigarettes outside, because they're also windproof. Can also be use with pipes, but be careful, damage can occur if held to close or for too many seconds.

  • Cigar Lighters

    There's a reason they say "close, but no cigar"!

  • Pipe Lighters

    "Stick this in your pipe, and smoke it!"

    Lighters specifically designed to make igniting pipes easier. Find models with ergonomically angled necks, built-in pipe tools, hands-free flame/operation, etc.. Choose one with a normal flame or a stronger one (if you need it). And of course, all of them are stylish af!

  • Cigarette Lighters

    Light up in style with a lighter from our collection..

    All are specifically designed to make igniting cigarettes easier. Find
    ergonomic models with weatherproof flames, stylish designs, flip-tops, and much more! Choose one with a normal flame or a stronger one (if you need it). And of course, all of them are built to last!

  • Smoking Accessories

    Everything else besides lighters.

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